Partnerships for Multilayer Coating of Lighting Products

Today’s OLED and LED lighting applications require high-precision optical properties to meet the demands of the competitive lighting market. Carestream addresses these exacting guidelines by helping partners ensure the utmost in quality for OLED/LED products via the application of our simultaneous, precision multilayer coating technology in a clean room environment, backed by years of experience in manufacturing optical grade films. Leveraging our aqueous and solvent coating proficiency at bench, pilot and production scale, Carestream partnerships deliver significant process development advantages for optimal product design, technology integration and manufacturability of a variety of lighting components including flexible form factor applications.

Coating Capabilities for the Lighting Market:

  • On-site mixing of the formulation(s)
  • Low to high viscosity and filled or unfilled formulations
  • Slot die coating
  • Stringent optical and cosmetic requirements (clean room)
  • Thermal or UV curing
  • Thickness uniformity of ± 1% to 5%
  • Multilayer – addition of another layer in-line
  • Lamination
  • 100% automated optical inspection

Custom Coated Lighting Product Expertise:

  • Phosphor films for LED
  • Transparent conductors for OLED
  • Barrier films for OLED
  • Light diffusion films
  • Light reflection films (e.g. troffer)

Combine your product IP and market channels with our high-speed roll-to-roll processing, quality systems and worldwide presence to move your innovative lighting product ideas from concept to full production economically. Contact Brian Pahl to learn more about our precision, multilayer coating partnership opportunities for the lighting market, which include options for joint development, manufacturing partnership or full joint venture.

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