Partnerships for Multilayer Coating of Aerospace Applications

As a leading innovator in simultaneous, precision multilayer coating technology and manufacturing, we understand that lightweight and high-performance attributes are critical for the development of aerospace products. Carestream partnerships deliver significant process development advantages by providing our aerospace partners with project-ready coating and manufacturing facilities in the United States for the development of a wide variety of precision-coated structures for aerospace applications. Partners leverage our aqueous and solvent coating proficiency at bench, pilot and production scale for optimal product design, technology integration and manufacturability. Our strategic location on the West Coast also helps improve our partners’ supply chain to leading aircraft makers for unmatched efficiency and support.

Aerospace Coating Capabilities:

  • On-site mixing of the formulation(s)
  • Low to high viscosity and filled or unfilled formulations
  • Lightweight substrates and coatings
  • Flame-retardant materials
  • Full manufacturing traceability
  • Slot die coating
  • Thermal or UV curing
  • Thickness uniformity of ± 1% to 5%
  • Multilayer – addition of another layer in-line
  • Lamination
  • 100% automated optical inspection

Custom Coated Aerospace Product Expertise:

  • Tedlar replacement for aircraft interiors and fuselage
  • Thermal and acoustic blankets
  • Dielectric wrap for wiring
  • Anti-friction and hydrophobic coatings for exterior

Carestream actively seeks growth partnerships, including joint development, manufacturing partnership or full joint venture, which combine customer product IP and market channels with our high-speed roll-to-roll processing, quality systems and worldwide presence. For more information, contact Robert Wildman to learn about the advantages of leveraging a Carestream partnership to bring your new aerospace products through commercialization quickly and efficiently at reduced manufacturing cost.

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