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Carestream Digital Radiology Solutions

Digital Radiography (DR)

Quality Images. Quality Care.

There's a smarter way to go digital with the Carestream family of DR systems. Our full line of DR Detectors, Mobile X-Ray, X-Ray Rooms, Fluoroscopy, and DR Retrofit Solutions combines compatible, scalable components to meet today's needs and position you for tomorrow's growth.

Computed Radiography (CR)

Upgrade From Film to Digital.

Carestream’s Computed Radiography systems can accommodate small private practices to midsized hospitals and imaging centers. Compact and reliable, our CR systems fit your budget and integrate seamlessly into your workflow.

CARESTREAM Vita Flex CR Systems


Fully Featured. Economical Price.

The Analog CARESTREAM DRX-Ascend has just the right configuration to meet your most pressing needs in the present, with a clear upgrade path for the future. All at a surprisingly affordable price.


Powered by Eclipse.

Eclipse is the engine that drives Carestream’s CR and DR imaging software. Eclipse uses AI technology and proprietary algorithms to significantly increase the value of the entire imaging chain, from capture to diagnosis.

ImageView Software
Printing Systems

Printing Systems

Options for Printing Excellence.

Carestream’s DRYVIEW Laser Imaging Systems offer a complete diagnostic imaging portfolio. Our systems make it easy and affordable to meet your needs today and tomorrow.


Powerful X-ray solutions designed just for veterinary practices

Whatever your situation, we have the answer: solutions designed just for veterinary practices.  The Carestream VXR System, Vita Flex CR System, or DR Retrofit solutions, allow you to upgrade your practice easily and affordably.

X-ray Solutions for Veterinary Practices
Films and Chemicals

Film and Chemistry

The gold-standard in x-ray film technology

Carestream provides a wide range of film and chemical offerings from general radiography and mammography to angiographic, orthopedic and thoracic applications, as well as film solutions for life science research.


A Century of Leadership.

For over 100 years, we’ve provided industry-leading solutions for dental professionals. With Carestream Dental Film, you can be confident in superb intraoral and extraoral diagnostic images quickly, easily and reliably.

Insight Film