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Powered by Eclipse.

Intelligence in Action.

Our Eclipse Engine Applies AI for Dramatic Real-World Benefits.

Artificial Intelligence is no longer an abstract promise. The Eclipse engine that powers our ImageView software puts AI into indisputable action — driving concrete, measurable results through Imaging Intelligence, Workflow Intelligence and Analytics Intelligence.

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ImageView Software

Imaging Intelligence.

Eclipse Imaging Intelligence capabilities offer robust processing and images of optimal quality — while reducing quality errors and increasing dose efficiency.

  • Delivers superb image quality and unrivaled diagnostic confidence with AI, proprietary algorithms and advanced image-processing capabilities.
  • Smart Noise Cancellation feature enables customers to lower radiation dose without loss in image quality when compared to our standard image processing. This is especially important in neonatal and pediatric imaging where imaging at the lowest possible dose is critical.
  • Provides options that offer companion views to reduce the number of exposures needed and provide a clearer view of area of interest.

Imaging Intelligence

Workflow Intelligence.

Advanced Smart Features automate manual tasks and workflow steps to streamline processes, support technologist productivity, save time and money and enhance patient care.

  • Automated equipment positioning and patient pose verification optimizes efficiency for radiographers and speeds workflow.
  • Automated technique selection improves image consistency and supports radiation dose control.
  • Provides improved infection control through task automation capabilities, removing the radiographer from direct contact with potentially infectious patients.

Workflow Intelligence

Analytics Intelligence.

These capabilities leverage digital dashboards for analysis of operational, business and clinical performance.

  • Allows administrators to track key parameters — including average exposure rates, rejected images and detector stats.
  • Helps define areas where progress is needed, supporting development of appropriate improvement plans for the staff and the department.

Analytics Intelligence

Single-Screen Productivity & Security

The ImageView Software Platform is designed to dramatically improve imaging efficiency and security, by providing:

  • A common user interface across all Carestream image acquisition products
  • Fewer screen transitions for time savings and enhanced workflow
  • Built-in “Secure by Design” elements for intrusion protection and prevention

The Single-screen workflow delivers a faster, smoother user experience.

ImageView Software
  1. Patient data, study data and views
  2. Image viewer and positioning aids
  3. Markers, image manipulation/processing tools, formatting and workflow controls

Detailed patient worklist.

ImageView Software Patient Worklist

Image acquisition status, including technique and hardware information.

ImageView Software Image Acquisition Status

Image Gallery

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