Carestream DRX-Excel Plus System


DRX-Excel Plus System

Fluoroscopy and Radiology – Combined!

Optimized to support large-and-midsize hospitals and medical centers, this system combines the power of fluoroscopy and general radiology in one compact unit to deliver high-resolution images for an accelerated workflow while offering a wide range of exams. It is available as a dRF configuration with a single, flat-panel digital detector for both RAD and fluoroscopy. 

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A Timely Two-in-One Solution.

The DRX-Excel's ergonomic design helps ensure patient comfort and user productivity. Efficient, high-resolution image capture and advanced processing support image quality and accurate diagnoses.

Superior SID Range

Extensive SID capability exceeds competitors, acquiring images at any distance between 110 to 180 cm


Motorized movement of tube and column accelerates workflow.

Ease of Use

The console features a large color touch-screen and intuitive controls. It integrates all table movements, generator settings and APR functions into a single, efficient interface.

Image Quality
  • Provides the pristine images only full digital design can provide
  • SmartGrid Image Processing delivers superb image quality at a lower dose without the use of a traditional grid
  • Color-coded buttons on the tube head handle match colors on the overhead rails so technologists know instantly which button controls which movement
  • Optional Auto-Centering maximize ease-of-use and speeds work flow
  • Optional Wall stand angulates -20/90 degrees, for easy patient positioning during cross-table exams
  • Common User Interface for all Carestream CR/DRX products reduces training time and move with ease between Carestream systems
  • Configure the system to meet your facility’s needs and exam types
  • Scalable and flexible design minimizes protects your investment in your current equipment
Additional Features
  • ImageView Software offers upgraded cybersecurity
  • A full set of features at a practical price supports optimized ROI
  • Optional Auto-LLI facilitates easy acquisition of long-length imaging
  • Image Preview display on the tube head allows technologists to remain with patient during exam
Carestream DRX Excel Plus

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