Partnerships for Multilayer Coating of Automotive Components

For over 100 years, Carestream has worked in the highly regulated FDA environment to manufacture quality medical imaging films. We capitalize on these same multilayer coating techniques and high-speed, wide-web assets and technologies to meet the rigorous regulatory requirements of the automotive industry. As a leading innovator in simultaneous, precision multilayer coating technology and manufacturing, we provide our automotive partners with significant process development advantages. Whether coating products for the interior, exterior or mechanical components, our project-ready coating and manufacturing facilities can help partners develop demanding, precision-coated structures for large volume, custom coated automotive components meeting OEM specifications.

We actively seek growth partnerships, including joint development, manufacturing partnership or full joint venture, which combine customer product IP and market channels with our high-speed roll-to-roll processing, quality systems and worldwide presence to bring new products through commercialization quickly and efficiently at reduced manufacturing cost.

Automotive Coating Capabilities:

  • On-site mixing of the formulation(s)
  • Low to high viscosity and filled or unfilled formulations
  • Slot die coating
  • Full manufacturing traceability
  • Thermal or UV curing
  • Thickness uniformity of ± 1% to 5%
  • Multilayer – addition of another layer in-line
  • Lamination
  • 100% automated optical inspection

Custom Coated Automotive Component Expertise:

  • Paint protection films
  • IR reflection window films
  • PVB films for windshield lamination
  • Transfer adhesives
  • In mold decoration films

For more information, contact Robert Wildman to learn how to leverage our aqueous and solvent coating proficiency at bench, pilot and production scale for optimal product design, technology integration and manufacturability for a wide range of automotive market applications.

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