Swiss Medical Group Streamlines Radiology Reporting

Provider boosts radiologists’ reporting productivity and workflow with CARESTREAM Vue Reporting.

Swiss Medical Group (SMG) has streamlined its radiology reporting. Radiologists at the major healthcare concern in Argentina are creating data-rich, easy-to-interpret medical imaging reports in less time.

SMG cut radiologist reporting time from 97 hours with conventional reporting to 66 hours with CARESTREAM Vue Reporting. Transcriptionist time was reduced from 18 hours to 10 hours. And radiologist final approval time decreased from 35 hours to 13 hours.

These reductions in radiology report writing are helping SMG slash report turnaround time and enhance their quality of care to patients. The results were documented in a productivity study conducted six months after implementing our Carestream solution.

With the growing utilization of Vue Reporting, traditional text-only radiology reports are going the way of the dinosaurs. The Carestream-designed radiology reporting system offers significant added value to referring physicians by providing an unprecedented range of capabilities – including time-saving native voice recognition. Content-rich, interactive, electronic reports are packed with quantifiable data, embedded images and links, charts, graphs and hyperlinks to anatomical bookmarks. And integration to RIS and PACS is easy.

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Infographic shows reduction in steps for radiology reporting

Daniel Canepa is a health IT Business Manager at Carestream Health. He has over 20 years of experience in medical informatics and medical imaging sales. His education includes a bachelor’s degree in computer science.





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