6 steps to become a more effective administrator. By Kernesha S. Weatherly, Director of Radiology, UAB Medicine. Are you an effective radiology manager? How do you know? In today’s climate, increased productivity and efficient use of existing facilities have become a necessity. From budget cuts, fee for performance,

A clinical comparison of orthopaedic imaging modalities. By Jarrett D. Cain, DPM, MSc., FACFAS. When diagnosing disorders of the foot and ankle, imaging is a valuable source of information for the assessment of condition and treatment options. However, the choice of imaging modality depends on several factors: ReliabilitySafetyCostImaging

Strategies for providing inpatient and outpatient imaging under new and challenging conditions. The persistence of the COVID-19 virus is requiring many imaging providers to adjust operations in order to resume routine radiology care as well as attend to patients infected with COVID-19. Everything Rad asked several imaging

NHG Diagnostics overcomes pandemic challenges to provide timely imaging diagnosis at community care facilities. By Chong Chun Meng, Principal Radiographer; and Damien Li, Senior Radiographer; National Healthcare Group Diagnostics. Like other countries around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced a dramatic shift in the way healthcare

The impact of COVID-19 on radiology staff and administrative planning. The COVID-19 pandemic has created multiple challenges for medical imaging: the primary ones being diagnosing and monitoring the disease, and infection control. Additionally, the tenacious virus has a significant impact on administration of the radiology department.

How to get the maximum return from training on your medical imaging equipment. When radiology departments invest in new medical imaging equipment, they want to get the maximum return on their investment. The most effective path for your radiographers to become proficient on your equipment -

Extremity CT exams increased 10x at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. By Anish R. Kadakia, MD, Northwestern Memorial Hospital. In this blog, Dr. Anish R. Kadakia shares: Metrics his hospital uses to evaluate new equipment. How and why weight-bearing exams increased extremity CT usage 10 fold. How

Radiology department's primary objective is satisfaction in patient care. Carestream had the opportunity to interview Dr. Marco Antonio Téliz, head of the department of radiology and molecular imaging at ABC Medical Center, on the objectives of the hospital’s radiology department at RSNA 2019. ABC Medical

Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s initiative to measure the patient experience in radiology. Editor’s Note: Today’s blog is one of a series about the patient experience in radiology. Earlier we shared 2 blogs by Dr. Cheryl Turner on root causes of adverse patient experiences in radiology. Be sure

A Two-Part Series on Workplace Stress, Burnout, and the Risks to Patient Safety. By Dr. Cheryl Turner, Director of Global Education and Training at Legion Healthcare Partners; and founder of Rad-Cast, the CE Podcast for Rad Professionals. Editor’s Note: Today’s blog is one of a series about

A Two-Part Series on Workplace Stress, Burnout, and the Risks to Patient Safety. By: Dr. Cheryl Turner, Director of Global Education and Training at Legion Healthcare Partners; and founder of Rad-Cast, the CE Podcast for Rad Professionals. Editor’s Note: Today’s blog is one of a series about the

An imaging informatics fellowship director and fellow share their insights. By Dr. Teresa Martin-Carreras and Dr. Tessa S. Cook, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. At first glance, the principles of patient care in radiology and imaging informatics might seem at odds. Patient care being very personal,

Techniques to improve workflow in the X-ray imaging department. Radiology administrators are constantly looking for ways to improve productivity in the imaging department. As modality software has evolved, so have the features that enhance automation and efficiency in the workflow. But in my interactions with

An Everything Rad Interview with RAD-AID Volunteers Jamie and Steve Surratt. RAD-AID, founded in 2008, is an international, volunteer-driven, non-profit organization dedicated to increasing radiological availability, expertise and infrastructure around the globe –in many underserved countries that need this support the most. In today’s post, we interview

Los estudios clínicos identifican cuándo usar la tomografía computarizada en 3D para las lesiones de pie y tobillo. Por Anish R Kadakia, MD, Hospital Northwestern Memorial Aunque la tomografía computarizada para imágenes médicas ha estado disponible durante algún tiempo, la TC 3D con carga de peso es

Clinical studies identify when to use 3D computed tomography for foot and ankle injuries. By Anish R Kadakia, MD, Northwestern Memorial Hospital Although computed tomography for medical imaging has been available for some time, weight-bearing 3D CT is a relatively new modality. For the past year,

Adopting new breast imaging technologies for earlier cancer detection. By Dr. Stamatia Destounis, MD FACR, Elizabeth Wende Breast Clinic. Editor’s note: for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Everything Rad asked EWBC physician, Dr. Stamatia V. Destounis, MD, FACR, to share her insights on the current and future role

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Study identifies ideas, views and perceptions of technology; and opportunities to increase its adoption. By Sil Aarts, Assistant Professor, Department of Health Services Research, the Netherlands. New forms of technology are introduced constantly in medical imaging, often leading to enhanced diagnostic and therapeutic options. However, new

La solución a los inconvenientes de CXR sin necesidad de aumentar la dosis. Las radiografías de tórax (CXR) son uno de los tipos de radiografías más difíciles de interpretar. La estructura densa del tórax comprende estructuras anatómicas subyacentes y sobrepuestas complejas y presenta la dificultad adicional

6 pasos para convertirse en un administrador más eficaz. De Kernesha S. Weatherly, directora de radiología, UAB Medicine. ¿Es un gerente de radiología eficaz? ¿Cómo lo sabe? En el clima actual, el aumento de la productividad y el uso eficiente de los centros existentes se han convertido en una

Impacto da COVID-19 nas equipes de radiologia e no planejamento administrativo. A pandemia da COVID-19 criou inúmeros desafios para a imagiologia médica: os principais são diagnosticar e monitorar a doença, além de controlar a infecção. Além disso, esse vírus persistente tem um impacto significativo na administração

El impacto de COVID-19 en el personal de radiología y la planificación administrativa. La pandemia de COVID-19 ha creado numerosos desafíos para el área de imágenes médicas: los principales son el diagnóstico y la supervisión de la enfermedad, así como el control de infecciones. Asimismo, el

Patient perceptions on imaging modalities and radiation make news. This week’s articles in Diagnostic Reading include: worldwide variation in COVID-19 imaging; radiologists must support physician, patient education; post-Brexit medical imaging regulations; imaging agent illuminates inflammation; and are clinicians ordering too many CT lung exams? Survey finds widespread

Estratégias para fornecer diagnóstico por imagem de pacientes internados ou ambulatoriais em um cenário novo e desafiador. A persistência do vírus da COVID-19 está exigindo que muitos fornecedores de diagnóstico por imagem adaptem as operações para retomar o atendimento radiológico de rotina, assim como para atender

Estrategias para ofrecer servicios de imágenes médicas a pacientes hospitalizados y ambulatorios en condiciones nuevas y desafiantes La persistencia del virus de COVID-19 está obligando a los centros de imágenes médicas a adaptar sus operaciones para reanudar los servicios de radiología de rutina mientras atienden a