Smart DR Workflow helps improve image quality and consistency, and speed patient throughput. Applications for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in radiology are increasing, especially in workflow where they can help streamline exam efficiency and provide more consistent outcomes. Carestream’s software powered by Eclipse uses AI to optimize

How to leverage your image capture devices for improved image quality and productivity. Maximizing the return on your existing radiology equipment has always been a priority. It is even more critical today if your funds for purchasing new equipment were diverted to COVID-related expenses. In this

Children’s hospital pilots bedside fluoroscopy imaging in the neonatal intensive care unit. By Mark C. Liszewski, MD, Children’s Hospital at Montefiore. Portable radiography and sonography are mainstays of initial diagnostic assessment in critically ill patients. However, there are many situations in which they cannot provide the information

Os novos Detectores Lux 35 pesam quase 0,9 kg (2 libras) a menos do que os Detectores DRX-Plus. O que é mais robusto e pesa menos do que um detector tradicional? E ainda pode melhorar a satisfação da equipe e do paciente? Resposta: o novo Detector

Los nuevos detectores Lux 35 pesan casi 1 kilo (2 libras) menos que los detectores DRX-Plus. ¿Qué es más robusto que un detector tradicional? ¿Qué pesa menos que un detector tradicional? ¿Y que puede mejorar la satisfacción del personal y del paciente? Respuesta: el nuevo detector

New Lux 35 detectors weigh almost 2 pounds less than DRX-Plus Detectors What is more robust than a traditional detector? Weighs less than a traditional detector? And can improve staff and patient satisfaction? Answer: the new glass-free, ergonomically-designed Lux 35 Detector, Carestream’s newest and most advanced