Measuring the Customer Experience and Satisfaction with Carestream Service

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A look at how Carestream Service prioritizes, measures, and improves customer satisfaction and the customer experience.

At Carestream Health, the customer is at the center of everything we do: from creating innovative new medical imaging solutions, to on-site training of radiology staff, to providing support and services to help keep your medical imaging operations running smoothly.

But how do we continually ensure that we are meeting customer expectations? Let’s start with some definitions.

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Carestream’s field engineers undergo extensive training so that they can proactively deliver the best service possible.

Customer Satisfaction is a measure of how happy a customer is with our product or service. It’s most often measured through customer satisfaction surveys with a goal of finding out how our customers feel about our brand or the service they just received.

Customer Experience depends more on the impression left on our customer when considering the broader sales, purchase, or service process.

Net Promoter Score is a score calculated from survey responses and is a measure of whether our customers would recommend (promote) our products or services to their friends or colleagues.

What is the relationship between Customer Satisfaction, Customer Experience (CX) and Net Promoter Score? A satisfied customer who had a great customer experience will likely be a promoter. You can see that both the customer and Carestream benefit when we focus our efforts on meeting your needs.

I am a member of Carestream’s Service Operation. I know that my interactions with customers and the service I provide directly impacts Customer Satisfaction and Customer Experience so I take my role very seriously.

How Carestream measures customer satisfaction and experience with our service

Here is a look at some of the tools we use at Carestream to measure your satisfaction and experience with our company.

The Customer Effort Score (CES) is a measure of how easy you thought it was to do business with Carestream. The CES question asks you how strongly you agree or disagree with the following statement: “Carestream made it easy for me to handle my issue.” You answer the question using a 7-point scale from 1 (strongly disagree) to 7 (strongly agree). CES is strongly correlated to a customer’s likelihood to repurchase our solutions and recommend Carestream.

Service Event Satisfaction is measured by asking you, “how satisfied were you with your recent service?” You use the same 7-point scale ranking.

One of Carestream’s skilled field engineers providing service support for the DRX-Revolution.

Install Event Satisfaction is measured by asking you, “how satisfied were you with your recent install?” Again, you use the same 7-point scale.

Monitoring and improving our scores and the customer experience in service

We have a comprehensive process to manage the survey results, and to take actions on elements of individual feedback for all responses.

Myself and other field engineers are held accountable for complying to standards for service response time and service effectiveness. When any of the above surveys suggest that we did not meet your expectations, we investigate them further. Here’s how:

  • A CX Defect survey is triggered by the following scores: Net Promoter Score (NPS) ≤ 3 out of 10, Customer Effort Score (CES) ≤ 4 out of 7, Install Event Satisfaction ≤ 4 out of 7, all other survey factor questions used to quantify satisfaction ≤ 3 out of 7.
  • A CES Defect is triggered by any service survey that had a Customer Effort Score  ≤ 4 out of 7. Once the defect is created it becomes a process to be followed in order to satisfy a customer need.

In addition, we have comprehensive programs in place to proactively address customer “unconformities”. This is a term we use to identify a service or customer issue that needs to be escalated to a supervisor.

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Learn more about our Smart Services.

Responding to survey results are reactive measures. Our field engineers also undergo extensive training so that we can proactively deliver the best service possible. The training includes customer interaction and communication; problem solving, and a continuous technical skills training certification program. Carestream also has an extensive infrastructure and mechanisms to resolve remotely all cases that can be repaired at a distance. This helps us respond to your technical issues as promptly as possible.

I hope this overview helps you see that Carestream truly prioritizes – and measures and improves – your satisfaction and experience with our solutions and services.

Gonzalo Padilla is Carestream’s Latin America Service Operations/Quality/Implementations Manager. He has been servicing Carestream medical imaging equipment for 11 years.  He is located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.

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