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Recent blog posts include:

Open Disclosure in Radiology: 6 Recommendations

Open Disclosure of safety incidents in radiology, including "no harm" and "near miss" events, provides radiology administrators with information to make improvements. Read 6 recommendations to foster reporting of safety incidents by an Associate Dean of Radiography who presented on this topic at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR).

Reducing Injuries in Radiologic Technologists

Unfortunately, the demands of being a radiologic technologist can lead to injuries. Read this blog by a former rad tech to understand how your choice of imaging equipment can minimize physical and repetitive movements that can lead to injury.

Award-Winning Process Improvements in Healthcare

Do you want to improve your healthcare system financially and structurally? Or strengthen your leadership team? Learn from the experiences of HSHS St. Anthony's Memorial Hospital Effingham in this blog written by their Executive Director of Outpatient and Ancillary Services.

Responding to a Cyberattack in Radiology

Radiology departments and healthcare in general are attractive targets for a cyberattack. Read the blog by the Director of Gallagher National Cyber Practice to learn about the value of having a structured and practiced response to an attack.

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