Importancia de la disponibilidad de los repuestos para el equipo de imágenes médicas de Carestream. La pandemia global actual y la demanda cada vez mayor de centros de diagnóstico y de cuidado médico hicieron que reflexionara sobre la importancia de mantener el equipo de imágenes médicas

Smart DR Workflow helps improve image quality and consistency, and speed patient throughput. Applications for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in radiology are increasing, especially in workflow where they can help streamline exam efficiency and provide more consistent outcomes. Carestream’s software powered by Eclipse uses AI to optimize

Overcoming the complexities of CXR without a dose penalty. Chest X-rays (CXR) are one of the most difficult radiographs to interpret. The dense chest structure includes complex overlying and underlying patient anatomy, and the ever-present motions of the lungs and heart. Ideally, radiologists would like to

It’s Spring, and time to start planting seeds in the garden. At home that means flowers, vegetables and herbs. At work it can only mean one thing – R&D. R&D is critical for any healthcare organization, and ours is no different. In fact, it is why