Carestream solutions help improve patient safety and clinical outcomes. A fundamental goal of radiographers is to complete an imaging exam that provides sufficient information for an accurate clinical diagnosis–and at the lowest possible dose. Fortunately, considerable progress has been made in reducing exposure in digital radiology

Mid-cycle refresh can increase clinical, operational, and security benefits. How would you rate the value you are getting from your current X-ray imaging equipment? Does it support new medical imaging software that can help improve clinical outcomes? Does it have automation features that improve operational efficiencies? Does

Maximize o tempo de atividade e o retorno sobre o investimento em equipamentos de raios X. Ao iniciarmos 2023, observamos estratégias de serviço familiares e essenciais para maximizar o retorno sobre o investimento (return on investment, ROI) em equipamentos de aquisição de imagens médicas: Fortalecer a segurança

Maximice el tiempo de actividad y el retorno de la inversión del equipo de rayos X. Al iniciarse el año 2023, observamos estrategias de servicio familiares y esenciales para maximizar el retorno de la inversión (ROI) en el equipo de imágenes médicas: Fortalecer la seguridad cibernética para

A View of the Radiology Department Inside Xi'an Gaoxin Hospital. Table of contents Service: more convenient and more humanistic Talent: pyramid structure Equipment: Sharp tools make good work Future: Radiate influence to around, and Take a Lead among Regions Due to travel requirements, Wang Xue, who was on business in

Importancia de la disponibilidad de los repuestos para el equipo de imágenes médicas de Carestream. La pandemia global actual y la demanda cada vez mayor de centros de diagnóstico y de cuidado médico hicieron que reflexionara sobre la importancia de mantener el equipo de imágenes médicas

Smart DR Workflow helps improve image quality and consistency, and speed patient throughput. Applications for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in radiology are increasing, especially in workflow where they can help streamline exam efficiency and provide more consistent outcomes. Carestream’s software powered by Eclipse uses AI to optimize