Carestream solutions help improve patient safety and clinical outcomes. A fundamental goal of radiographers is to complete an imaging exam that provides sufficient information for an accurate clinical diagnosis–and at the lowest possible dose. Fortunately, considerable progress has been made in reducing exposure in digital radiology

Strategies to improve performance at healthcare facilities of all sizes. By Lori Lee Barr, M.D., F.A.C.R., F.A.I.U.M., Radiology Associates of Florida, a Radiology Partners practice. If you work in radiology in a community healthcare facility, you may have low demand for pediatric medical imaging. As a result,

Carestream customers realized average reject rate reduction of 16%. (1) Do you know that, on average,18% of imaging exams require retakes? (2). Repeating imaging exams increases the workload of your radiographers who are already stretched too thin; increases the exposure of the affected patients; and contributes

Carestream joins research for earlier detection and treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. What if you could detect idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) earlier – and get patients into treatment sooner? What if X-ray imaging, the most prevalent and accessible imaging modality in the world, could provide the

Aprenda as técnicas por trás da maximização da eficiência da dose para aquisição de imagens pediátricas. Table of contents Soluções pediátricas para aquisição de imagens Soluções pediátricas para processamento de imagens Soluções pediátricas para análise e avaliação de imagens As melhores práticas de aquisição de imagens radiográficas seguem o princípio

Aprenda las técnicas detrás de la maximización de la eficiencia de la dosis para imágenes pediátricas. Table of contents Soluciones pediátricas para la adquisición de imágenes Soluciones pediátricas para el procesamiento de imágenes Soluciones pediátricas para la revisión y evaluación de imágenes56 Las mejores prácticas de imágenes radiográficas siguen el

Learn the techniques behind maximizing dose efficiency for pediatric imaging. Table of contents Pediatric Solutions for Image Acquistion Pediatric Solutions for Image Processing Pediatric Solutions for Image Review and Assessment Pediatric Solutions for Image Review and Assessment Best practices of radiographic imaging follow the principle of using a dose “as low

Carestream accelerates delivery of AI features that help improve patient outcomes and patient care. Table of contents AI's role in improving clinical outcomes AI's role in improving the human experience Accelerating delivery of AI applications for radiology There are numerous technologies and technical terms related to artificial intelligence (AI) that

Study results demonstrate Smart Noise Cancellation delivers significant improvement in dose efficiency. Table of contents Radiation dose reduction study Reader study results Study conclusions Best practice in medical X-ray imaging employs the principle of ALARA – “as low as reasonably achievable” – for radiation dose management. A consequence of this