Carestream acelera la entrega de características de inteligencia artificial que ayudan a mejorar los resultados y el cuidado de la salud para el paciente. Table of contents El papel que asume la inteligencia artificial en la mejora de los resultados clínicos El papel que asume la inteligencia artificial

Carestream accelerates delivery of AI features that help improve patient outcomes and patient care. Table of contents AI's role in improving clinical outcomes AI's role in improving the human experience Accelerating delivery of AI applications for radiology There are numerous technologies and technical terms related to artificial intelligence (AI) that

Can you guess the image in the X-ray? This month's "Guess the X-ray Image Challenge!" is here! We welcome radiologists, technologists, RAs, MDs, PAs - or anyone who thinks they're up to the challenge - to guess the object in this X-ray. Please leave your answer