Children’s hospital pilots bedside fluoroscopy imaging in the neonatal intensive care unit. By Mark C. Liszewski, MD, Children’s Hospital at Montefiore. Portable radiography and sonography are mainstays of initial diagnostic assessment in critically ill patients. However, there are many situations in which they cannot provide the information

A Carestream utiliza inteligência artificial para melhorar a qualidade da imagem médica. De certa forma, o caminho para melhorar a qualidade da imagem de raios X parece bastante simples. Existem três componentes fundamentais da qualidade da imagem: ruído, nitidez e contraste. A complexidade se deve

Can you guess the image in the X-ray? This month's "Guess the X-ray Image Challenge!" is here! We welcome radiologists, technologists, RAs, MDs, PAs - or anyone who thinks they're up to the challenge - to guess the object in this X-ray. Please leave your answer