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Making the Transformation from Analog to Digital Radiography

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Four considerations to gain maximum benefits to workflow and patient outcomes

By Tasos Strouzos, President and General Manager, Consumables Business Unit, Carestream Health.

The benefits of moving from analog imaging to full digital X-ray are well known. Digital Radiography (DR) can help speed your imaging workflow, ease the workload on your staff, and reduce the dose to support a higher standard of care.

Although the benefits of DR are obvious, the criteria for selecting a solution to transform your existing solutions may not be as apparent. There are notable differences and shortcomings in available solutions. Read on to learn four considerations when selecting solutions to make the transition from analog to digital radiography.

Consider the entire imaging chain

A DR detector is essential to making the transformation to digital. The detector can be placed into the Bucky of your existing analog room equipment, enabling a simple transition to digital. However, the image capture process is only one piece of the imaging chain. If you purchase only a detector, you are limiting the benefits that your facility and patients can gain from digital radiography. In contrast, an end-to-end solution will extend the benefits of DR to your image processing and printing.

Carestream’s affordable DR Retrofit solution is comprised of our Focus 35C/43C Detectors, ImageSuite software, an optional mini-PACS, and DRYVIEW Laser Imagers for a complete, fully digital capture-to-print solution.

Evaluate the software features

Because the quality of the software within your retrofit solution can have a significant impact on your imaging workflow and clinical outcomes, it is worth drilling down to see the software’s features and compare vendors’ offerings.

From analog to digital: boost workflow and improve patient outcomes
Carestream offers a number of solutions to help enable a smooth transition from analog to digital radiography.

Carestream’s Image Suite software was designed specifically to improve workflow in smaller facilities, helping to improve the imaging experience for your staff and your patients. Productivity-boosting features include automatic image processing; an easy-to-use, touch-friendly interface; and a streamlined, automated workflow with uniform protocols.

The software also has specialized features to improve image quality and patient care. These include advanced editing tools, image rejection analysis capabilities, and robust image enhancement tools. Additionally, we offer specialized measurement tools for chiropractic, orthopedic, and veterinary practices. A tablet-viewing option for image review helps your physicians better explain a patient’s diagnosis, improving patient satisfaction.

We also offer an optional and affordable mini-PACS module that increases productivity and patient care even more. Its remote order entry lets you use the system throughout your facility, while its broad tool set allows superb image management and analysis.

Evaluate image storage and access

On the surface, detectors might seem similar. They come in uniform sizes, and most have a Cesium Iodide scintillator for low-dose applications and very limited storage. Your radiographers need to upload each image from the cassette to a console before they can capture the next image.

In contrast, Carestream’s highly economical Focus detectors have a notable difference. An Image Storage Mode allows your staff to store up to 200 acquired images on the detector to download to the console at a later time. This storage feature saves your radiographers steps and time between each acquisition, helping to increase their productivity and job satisfaction.

Workflow gets an added boost from the detectors’ wireless design that helps minimize infection risks and trip hazards of cables. More importantly, their wireless communications capability delivers immediate access to images anywhere on your network in seconds.

Partner with a proven vendor

Your choice of an imaging partner is as important as your choice of hardware and software. Carestream is proud to have a proven track record of successful installations and customers who are satisfied with our Focus Retrofit end-to-end solution since 2020.

I hope this information helps you understand that by taking a comprehensive view of your imaging chain and carefully evaluating vendor solutions, you can help improve clinical outcomes, streamline your workflow, and improve the user experience for your radiographers.

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