Carestream Solutions to Advance and Enhance Medical Imaging

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See them at RSNA 2023.

We know it has been a stressful, challenging decade for medical imaging professionals. Carestream is here to help you navigate the turmoil, delivering solutions that help you create the best possible imaging experience for your staff and patients; improve clinical outcomes; and strengthen your financial health. Schedule a meeting with us at RSNA 2023 to learn how our solutions can help you advance and enhance medical imaging to help you meet your most important objectives.

Enhancing the imaging experience for your staff and patients

Your radiographers are under pressure to keep pace with increased demands for imaging with fewer staff. That’s why our imaging solutions are purpose-built with advanced, workflow-boosting features and user-friendly confidence-building software for a streamlined, less error-prone imaging experience.

For example, our new Smart Room Assist features enable more accurate positioning and faster, easier image capture. During customer site evaluations, these features helped our customers realize an average reject rate reduction of 16% from their current rates. 

Visit Carestream at RSNA to learn how we can help you address your imaging challenges.

Our DRX-LC Detector helps radiographers capture long-length images more effectively. Its single-shot acquisition enables faster image capture and fewer retakes, plus reduced exposure and improved patient comfort.

These are just two examples of our industry-informed features that speed up the exam process and give radiographers added confidence–outcomes that help reduce retakes, ease operator stress, and reduce patient anxiety.

Improving Clinical Outcomes with Pristine Image Quality Without a Dose Penalty

We draw on our decades of imaging expertise to continually push the envelope on improving image quality, empowering your physicians to identify potential health issues with greater accuracy and efficiency.

For example, our exclusive AI-driven Smart Noise Cancellation software yields improved image quality, preservation of fine detail, better contrast-to-noise ratio, and easier-to-read radiographs.* Our Bone Suppression software leverages AI to suppress the appearance of bone to enhance the visualization of soft tissue, while our DRX-LC detector eliminates the need for stitched images that can result in less-than-optimum quality.  

We deliver these notable gains in image quality without a dose penalty. In some cases, we even reduce exposure for a safer patient experience.

Strengthening Your Financial Health with Forward-Thinking Solutions

The same features that drive faster imaging exams and reduced retakes can help increase patient throughput. Moreover, a more comfortable, streamlined imaging process gives patients more confidence in and satisfaction with your facility.

Let Carestream help you advance your medical imaging. Meet with us at RSNA 2023.

Additionally, we offer imaging solutions for every budget and patient volume. For the first time at RSNA, we are showcasing our new Horizon X-ray System (510(k) pending K230800) with advanced, user-friendly features at a budget-friendly price. Plus, our new DRX-Rise Mobile X-ray System delivers the most important benefits for mobile imaging at an affordable price.

Lastly, our forward-thinking solutions are designed to evolve with your changing needs. Backed by our professional service team, we can help you maximize your uptime for a stronger return on your investment.

See for yourself how Carestream can help you enhance the imaging experience for patients and radiographers, improve clinical outcomes, and strengthen your financial health. Schedule an appointment to meet with us in Booth 2511 in the South Hall or visit 

About the author

Vincent Chan.

Vincent Chan is President and General Manager of Carestream’s Digital Radiography business and is a member of the company’s senior executive leadership team. Bringing a wealth of knowledge, Mr. Chan has a strong track record in driving market share, revenue and profit growth. Combined with over 20 years in the healthcare industry, he has a demonstrated passion for customers, teamwork, and continuous improvement. He holds an MBA from the National University of Singapore and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

*These statements were verified using Carestream detectors in a reader study performed by board certified radiologists comparing pairwise images taken at nominal dose (CsI ISO 400 speed / GOS ISO 320 speed) and reduced dose (CsI ISO 800 speed / GOS ISO 500 speed) with SNC.


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