New Dashboards Designed to Streamline Workflow Can Also Expedite Meaningful Use Reporting

Rick Sera

Rick Sera, PACS/RIS Administrator, Valley Presbyterian Hospital, Van Nuys, Calif.

One of the biggest changes for PACS administrators is the amount of reporting that’s now required to meet meaningful use initiatives. In the past, most administrators generated individual reports from each system—including RIS, PACS and EHR/EMR—to monitor data on patient exams, equipment and personnel utilization, delivery times/methods for radiology reports and other service parameters.

Meaningful use regulations demand collecting and reporting data on specific areas related to the quality and timeliness of service delivery. This creates a burden for PACS administrators because required data is typically collected by different systems and is not always easy to access, since current reporting systems were designed long before meaningful use initiatives were even on the horizon.Vue Beyond

I spend hours each month compiling data to generate required reports, but fortunately help is on the way. New radiology dashboards not only offer a real-time view of how the department is functioning (and bottlenecks that need attention) but some also have comprehensive reporting capabilities. These systems allow users to design reports and then collect desired information from multiple systems and build the report to order.

This next generation dashboard could quickly become a PACS administrator’s best friend. It can collect and track required data, present  create accurate presentations of real-time workflow, and save dozens of hours spent on tedious reporting tasks every month.

From my perspective, this new technology couldn’t have come at a better time.

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