Ultrasound Image Capture – An Imaging Guide Infographic

Sonographers, patients, and equipment all play a role in ultrasound image capture

Dan Monaghan, Carestream Health

Like a three-legged stool, quality ultrasound image capture requires a balanced foundation. Sonographers, patients, and equipment all play an equal supporting role. Here’s an imaging guide that explains the fundamentals. (See the infographic on the next page).ultrasound imaging guide

More than any other imaging modality, quality ultrasound image capture relies heavily on the operator. Thus, a well-trained sonographer is a critical piece of the foundation. For example, with conventional Doppler imaging of blood flow, the wrong angle can lead to discrepancies in results. Also, attaining the proper angle correction takes time, slowing down workflow.

A well-trained sonographer also is familiar with the many functions available on the equipment and uses them to their advantage for quality ultrasound image capture. Additionally, an experienced sonographer has confidence. Their poise gives patients added assurance and makes them more comfortable. Continue reading