Products and Software Optimized for Veterinary Practices

VXR System
The VXR Veterinary Radiological System (PDF)

Only available in LAR,EU and APAC
The VXR System is an economical X-ray unit designed specifically for veterinary applications. The integrated system incorporates an exam table, column stand, X-ray generator, X-ray tube and control console in one unit. The VRX System accepts film, CR cassettes or DRX-Detectors time. The system offers:  

  • Float-top table with four-way motion
  • A compact, fixed-height column allowing quick positioning for all common views
  • Veterinary APRs along with additional accessories and options to support all veterinary needs 

PRO Retrofit System – Veterinary DR Made Affordable (PDF)

The PRO Retrofit System provides the ideal balance of performance and price for veterinary centres. Choose between 35 x 43 cm wireless or tethered, or a 43 x 43 cm. fixed design for a quick, easy and cost-effective upgrade to digital. Simply select the right detector to integrate into your existing equipment.

Speed, Convenience and dedicated Veterinary Interface:

  • DR Acquisition driven by Veterinary interface Carestream VXVue Software.
  • The superb image quality of digital helps support greater diagnostic confidence.
  • Choose either a Gadolinium Scintillator or Cesium Scintillator in your configuration.
  • Wireless option eliminates the hassles and trip hazards of cables and provides improved infection control.
  • Full digital imaging eliminates steps in the process to increase productivity and reduce image-delivery time.
  • Beam-detect mode means there’s no need for a cable connection to the generator – image capture begins automatically when the detector senses the X-ray exposure.

Image Suite Software

offers a comprehensive set of tools that simplifies measurements:

  • Line Extension: measures the distance of a line connecting two points while “extending” the line to enhance visualization of how that line would extend through the anatomy
  • Cervical Curve and Lumbar Curve: provides a curved overlay to help with measuring spinal curvature
  • George’s Line: compares the posterior margins between multiple vertebrae along the spinal column
  • Lippman-Cobb Angle: helps measure the curvature of the spine
  • Goniometry: measures angular alteration of the leg alignment
  • Coxometry: measures horizontal misalignment of the hip joints; and
  • Gonstead: measures various points of the hip joints