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BioMax XAR Film

Top Performance for Radioisotopes and Chemiluminescence

A general purpose film, BIOMAX XAR is a double emulsion (T-Grain technology) autoradiography film for use with all commonly used isotopes and chemiluminescence labels. The film is coated with emulsion on both sides of a clear base, and is suitable for both direct autoradiography and exposures made with intensifying screens, including BIOMAX intensifying screens.

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BioMax XAR Film

Features and Specifications

Processing Options:
  • BIOMAX XAR Film is suitable for manual and automated processing.
Darkroom Handling:
  • Autoradiography film should be handled under proper safelight conditions using a safelight lamp equipped with a Safelight Filter GBX-2 and 15 W frosted bulb (other safelights may result in increased background fog and/or unwanted image exposure).
  • The safelight should be positioned a least four feet from the film at all times. Minimize the length of time that the film is exposed to safelight conditions.

For more information on darkroom handling, please see Autoradiography Film Tips