Focus 35C Detector


Focus Detectors

Breaking the cost barriers to wireless, DR Imaging

Stepping up to full digital X-ray is a tremendous way to speed your workflow, increase productivity and support a higher standard of care. But for some facilities, the cost of upgrading can be a real barrier.

The Focus Detectors offer an affordable option for rooms, mobiles, and retrofit systems.

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Focus 35C Detector

Focus 35C and Focus 43C

  • Wireless design and operation boost workflow and eliminate hassles of cables.
  • Compatible with ImageView Software powered by Eclipse with AI. Designed to improve imaging efficiency and security. Offers a common user interface and advanced Smart Features to automate manual tasks and streamline processes.
  • Works with Image Suite Software as a retrofit solution, designed specifically for smaller facilities and specialty practices like orthopedic, chiropractic and veterinary.

Focus HD 35 and Focus HD 43

Our new Focus HD detectors deliver higher-resolution, ultra-detailed images for superb diagnostic quality — at a remarkably economical price.

  • 100 micron pixel pitch provides improved image resolution and magnification of small objects and microstructures.
  • Wireless design and operation boost workflow and eliminate hassles of cables.
  • IP56 rating offers better protection against dust and fluid ingress.
  • ImageView Software, powered by Eclipse, takes image processing to a whole new level.
  • Choose from two sizes, 35x43 and 43x43.
DRX Detectors

The Right Detector for Every Facility

Carestream offers a broad selection of DR detectors. It includes wireless, shareable, fixed, and now glass-free models to meet your demands based on exam type, detector size, dosage level and budget.

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DR Imaging for Vets

DR Imaging Made Affordable for Vets

The Focus Detectors with Image Suite Software is an affordable retrofit solution designed to help optimize the veterinary imaging equipment you’re using right now – quickly, easily and economically. The detector slides into your existing film or CR systems, converting them to the speed and convenience of full wireless DR.

  • Allows you to view images immediately with DR technology for faster triage and treatment.
  • Wireless option eliminates the hassles and trip hazards of cables.
  • Image Suite Software delivers a range of vet-specific measurement tools.

Features and Specifications

Imaging Excellence
  • Delivers the image quality only full digital technology can provide.
  • Beam Detect Mode begins image capture automatically when the detector senses the X-ray exposure.
Accelerated Workflow
  • Provides a simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Wireless design and operation boosts workflow and helps increase patient thruput.
  • Works with Image Suite Software designed as a retrofit solution specifically for smaller facilities and specialty practices.
  • Conduct multiple exam types, either in bucky or table-top.
  • Compatible with ImageView Software and a variety of DR rooms, mobiles and retrofit systems.
DR Detector

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