Carestream Classic CR System


DIRECTVIEW Classic CR System

Computed Radiography to Match Your Workflow

Our Classic CR System is designed to streamline patient throughput, speed workflow and increase cost-efficiency. The Classic CR handles up to 69 cassettes per hour (when using a 35 cm x 43 cm cassette, with system in high-speed scan mode), making it ideal for small and mid-sized facilities. The Classic offers:

  • Superb image quality
  • A space-saving footprint
  • Easy, user-friendly operation

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Features and Specifications

Improved Efficiency
  • The Classic System is small, easy to install and simple to use.
  • It produces high-quality images, yet has a footprint small enough for an X-ray room or an X-ray control console room.
  • Digital-quality images are faster and easier to read, which enhances radiologist productivity.
  • Drastically improve workflow over film by reducing steps needed to develop film. And, digital images can be shared electronically for faster consults and better collaboration with referring physicians.
  • Low capital investment and low operating costs mean the Classic System can help your facility meet budget requirements – without compromising performance.
  • Save money by eliminating the costs of consumables and maintaining a dark room for film.
  • Speed of operation saves time and additional dollars.
  • The Classic uses a wide range of industry-standard cassette sizes
    • 15 x 30 cm cassette for dental imaging
    • 35 x 84 cm cassette for imaging of long-bone and spine exams
Additional Features
  • Offers a robust user interface, rapid image processing, and a range of software options and tools.
  • Image processing software powered by Eclipse uses proprietary algorithms to deliver superb image quality and unrivaled diagnostic confidence.
  • Features DICOM and IHE functionality and connectivity.
Classic CR System

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