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MIN-R S Film

Optimize mammography imaging in challenged processing environments

If you use shallow tanks for your mammogram film processing or share your processing in a mixed environment, count on MIN-R S Film for optimal image quality.

  • Crisp, sharp images enhance viewing of minute details
  • Choice of screens to meet particular needs imaging requirements
  • Developed by the world leader in screen-film mammography 
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    Fine detail perception

    • Delivers sharp, crisp images to improve viewing ease and provide increased diagnostic information.
    • High resolution provides enhanced perception of microcalcifications and other minute details, giving you greater interpretation confidence.

    Innovative design

    • Proprietary dual-emulsion film technology uses two thin emulsions working in tandem to yield a superb image with greater processing tolerance than a thicker single emulsion.
    • Primary emulsion images breast parenchyma, providing detail and contrast, while the secondary emulsion images the breast periphery and upper density.

    Flexibility that fits your environment

    • MIN-R S Film fits into your existing workflow, requiring no adjustment to equipment or procedures in most cases.
    • Compatible with all MIN-R screens, it also can be used with orthochromatic mammographic screens from other manufacturers.

    Use with the complete system including processing chemistries, screens, cassettes and processors for optimal results. 



    Documentation and support

    Available Sizes