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Screen Cleaner Wipes

Screen cleaner wipes are convenient, effective all-in-one cleaning tools to help keep MIN-R screens and cassettes free of dust and dirt that can cause minus-density artifacts on film. The wipes are pre-moistened with screen cleaner—so there’s no need for separate screen cleaner and wipes for all MIN-R mammography film screen systems. Another example of Carestream Health, Inc.’s continuing commitment to mammography customer satisfaction.

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  • The lint-free wipes significantly reduce concerns about artifacts caused by lint deposited on screens by cleaning cloths.
  • A measured amount of screen cleaner in every wipe guards against screen staining or damage due to application of too much cleaner.
  • Wipes are packaged in a resealable 50-wipe container that keeps them moist and handy, and dispenses them one at a time.

Available Sizes