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What does an Invoice Need to Include?

An invoice number

This number will then be referenced on the check (or electronic record) when issued to help the Vendor apply the cash to the correct item on their Accounts Receivable ledger.

An invoice date

This date is used by Carestream Health, start the payment cycle. The check will be issued and mailed 5 days prior to the date the invoice is due for payment according to the terms indicated on the Carestream Health, Inc.purchase order. This will enable the check to arrive at the Vendor's remittance address on the due date.

The dollar amount that Carestream Health, Inc. owes to the vendor

This should be broken down into product/service total, taxes (when applicable) and freight (when applicable). These items need to match the same units of measures and prices listed on the purchase order issued by Carestream Health, Inc.. Any discrepancies need to be communicated to the person issuing the purchase order before the invoice is issued, otherwise, payment will be delayed.

Itemization of each item

Each invoice should be itemized to show the date on which the shipment was made or the date the service was performed. This should include the quantity and the unit price agreed upon by Carestream Health, Inc.

Type of currency, if other than USD

If the invoice is to be paid in currency other than USD, it must be printed on the face of the invoice.

Purchase order number

The Carestream Health, Inc.purchase order number must be contained in its entirety on the face of the invoice otherwise payment may be delayed.

Remittance address

The address where the payment should be sent.