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Executive Biographies

David C. Westgate
Chairman, President and CEO

Hans Bossink
President, Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa
  Ludovic d'Aprea
General Manager, Healthcare Information Solutions
Terrance P. Callanan
Chief Culture Officer
  Vincent Chan 
President, Asia Pacific (India, Asia and Japan)
Richard J. Jebo 
Vice President, Supply Chain and Operations
  Liu Jie 
President, Greater China Cluster
Bruce Leidal
Chief Information Officer
  Julie M. Lewis 
General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Andrew J. Mathews
Senior Vice President of Operations
  Miguel Nieto
President, Latin America Region
Renee A. Noll
Vice President, Global Human Resources
  James H. Ogle
President, United States and Canada
Scott Rosa
Chief Financial Officer

Anastasios Strouzos
Senior Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing
Ted Taccardi
Acting Chief Technology Officer

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