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Carestream Smart Support

To maintain your system and help you if it is down

We keep your medical imaging equipment operating at peak performance, so you can keep focus on the care of your patients. Carestream Smart Support Services provide complete peace of mind over the life of your equipment.

Smart Support Maintenance Services include:

  • Warranty Coverage
    All Carestream Health medical imaging products carry a warranty so you're covered from day one. Similar to our service plans, warranty options are available that allow you can tailor service to match your unique operational requirements.

  • Flexible Service Agreements
    From full coverage to fully customized service plans, Carestream puts you in full and confident control of the performance and budget for your radiology operations. Rest assured that you can attract and care for more patients in a safe and secure environment with the highest system availability, most talented staff, and leading-edge technology.

  • Preventive Maintenance
    With Carestream’s preventive maintenance programs for CR, DR and laser imager solutions, equipment issues become one less thing for you to worry about. Imagine the peace of mind that comes with regular check-ups.

  • Smart Link Remote Technology Solutions  
    CARESTREAM Smart Link remote technology continuously monitors for unforeseen issues that could result in costly downtime. A dashboard view of system status and issue alerts is visible to your Carestream Customer Support Specialists, allowing them to take immediate action to keep your system running at peak performance