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Shipping and Routing Instructions

Shipping and Routing within the United States

The purpose of this procedure is to provide instruction to suppliers for shipping and routing from U.S. locations. Attached is the revised Carestream Health, Inc. U.S. Shipping - Routing Guide. These instructions are effective May 1, 2007 and replace all previous shipping - routing guides.

Shipping and Routing into United States (International Shipment)

The purpose of this procedure is to provide instruction to suppliers for shipping international shipments into the U.S. These instructions are intended for general information purposes. When shipping Carestream Health purchases into the U.S. it is important that you contact the buyer or commodity manager whose name and phone number appears on the purchase order (PO) for specific shipping instructions. These instructions should have accompanied the PO or Supply Agreement.

Regulatory Information on Shipping 

Environmental Health Safety
Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS)

Carestream Health's business practices to preserve the environment and protect your health and safety while providing solutions that dramatically improve the quality and cost of healthcare.

Worldwide Purchasing
Worldwide Purchasing

Find the most current information on our global strategies, policies, procedures, and contacts from across the world.