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International Shipping Instructions

Shipping Documents

  • BILL OF LADING, AIRWAY BILL must include the following:
    • Ship to address, exactly as it is on the shipping instructions
    • Notify Party, as provided on the shipping instructions
    • Ocean, Place of Delivery (City and State)
    • Air, Airport of Destination
    • The third party Carestream Health bill to address, when applicable.
  • COMMERCIAL INVOICE to accompany shipment, is essential to complete U.S. Customs Clearance and must include the following:
    • Seller name and address
    • Supplier (manufacturer of goods)
    • Delivery Address with building number contact name at Carestream Health and phone number
    • Purchase order number
    • Quantity
    • Complete description of product (in English)
    • Catalog number or Carestream Health part number
    • CIN# for chemical products
    • Country of origin (Country of manufacture)
    • Value of goods with correct currency
    • Gross and net weights
    • Terms of Sale (Incoterms 2000)

Shipping Cartons

  • The supplier should provide products in packaging suitable for export shipment.
  • Mark the outside of each shipping carton with the Carestream Health Purchase Order Number(s)
  • Mark the total number of cartons shipped on the outside of cartons (example: 1 of6, 2 of 6, etc.)
  • Mark the outside of each shipping carton with the Country of Origin (Country of Manufacture). U.S. Customs will delay any cartons not marked.
  • Mark the complete delivery address on the outside of each carton.

Packing List

  • Each Carestream Health Purchase Order Number must have a separate Packing List.
  • Purchase Order Line Item Number, (for example, 01, 02, etc.)
  • Weight associated with each Purchase Order Line Item
  • Mark the total number of cartons shipped on Packing Lists(s)
  • Packing Lists must accompany the Commercial Invoice.


  • Do not purchase or sign for additional insurance or declare a value beyond the carrier's normal liability. Carestream Health will not pay for additional insurance.