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International Shipping Contact Information

Carestream Health's shipments into the United States are routed according to the supplier's agreement with Carestream Health's purchasing community. The Terms of Sale, timeline for delivery, and final destination are only a few variables that directly effect which mode, carrier, and route is to be used. Therefore, only the buyer or commodity manager that you have been working with at Carestream Health will be able to assist you.

Should you require assistance regarding issues related to US Imports or US Exports, please use the following contacts:


Function Name Phone Email
US Imports Lorene Dye 585-323-7525
US Import/Export Kevin D. Williams 585-323-7564
US Export Regulations Lisa Kendrick 585-323-7533
US Export Regulations Nicholas Orlando 585-627-6421
US Export Transportation Mary Christopher 585-323-7519


If you require a phone number from Carestream Health's purchasing community, please contact the Carestream Health information line at 1-800-328-2910.

Environmental Health Safety
Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

Carestream Health's business practices to preserve the environment and protect your health and safety while providing solutions that dramatically improve the quality and cost of healthcare.

Worldwide Purchasing
Worldwide Purchasing

Find the most current information on our global strategies, policies, procedures, and contacts from across the world.