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X-OMAT EX II Developer and Replenisher

X-OMAT EX II developer and replenisher yields superb image quality on the viewbox and helps users comply with even the most stringent environmental regulations. Highly recommended for processing MIN-R EV, MIN-R 2000 Plus, and MIN-R S mammography films. Also has excellent results with all Carestream general radiography films.

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Ideal for mixed-film environments, this versatile performer is suitable for standard-cycle processing with mammography films, and standard- or rapid-cycle processing with general radiography films and MIN-R EV Film.

Processing consistency. Reduced sensitivity to replenishment variation when used with MIN-R 2000 Plus and MIN-R S mammography films.

Clear viewing advantages. Yields high contrast and bluer image tone, for excellent visualization of detail and viewing ease.

Environmental Compliance non-hazardous formulation (without gluteraldehyde) has less-regulated transport and fewer shipping surcharges. Easier to store.

Reduced odor and faster mixing acetic-acid-free formulation


Available Sizes