Understanding the meanings of AI terms and their roles in diagnostic imaging. Lee este blog en español. If you attended a diagnostic imaging conference or read an industry publication in the past year, you likely heard the term “artificial intelligence”. If you’re unclear about its meaning– and

Prime HealthCare Group evaluates enterprise imaging systems based on needs of multiple stakeholders. By Jaleel Rahiman, Director, Information Technology, Prime Healthcare. Lee el blog en español. When evaluating an enterprise imaging system, healthcare organizations must consider multiple stakeholders' needs. Patients, radiology doctors, clinicians, and physicians often have different

O Prime HealthCare Group avalia os sistemas de imagens empresariais em função das múltiplas necessidades de todas as partes interessadas. Ao avaliar um sistema de imagens empresariais, as organizações de cuidados médicos devem considerar as múltiplas necessidades de todas as partes interessadas. Os pacientes, os médicos