Diagnostic Reading #2: Five “Must Read” Articles on HIT and Radiology

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In the news this week: tech investments, wearables, and cyber threats all on the rise.

This week’s articles in Diagnostic Reading include: increasing technology investments around the world; cybersecurity forecasts for 2018; enterprise imaging as a foundation for data sharing; the first wearable medical accessory approved by the FDA; and essential information about radiology mergers and acquisitions.

Clinical analytics market set for big growth worldwide – Healthcare IT News

More and more health systems are increasing their investments in the technology they need to manage in the world of accountable care. In fact, the global market for clinical intelligence software is set to grow 12.5 percent between now and 2023, according to a recent report from Market Research Future. However, while the market for clinical intelligence is expected to grow at an “exponential” rate, according to the report—which forecasts purchasing in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East/Africa—the “high cost of clinical intelligence software solutions may restrain the market growth in developing countries.”

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Cybersecurity forecast 2018: threats and trends for the year ahead – Digital Health

The past year was difficult for cybersecurity in the healthcare sector, which is still feeling the effects of the Wannacry global ransomware outbreak. Many organizations will work hard to adapt and improve existing processes and procedures in 2018. This article reveals predictions for the 2018 digital landscape from leading cybersecurity experts, including increases in threats, security training and penalties for breaches.

Hospital departments work differently. A consultative approach is key in enterprise imaging – Insights HIMSS Europe

This Q&A with Massimo Angileri, Carestream’s Vice President Sales & Service Europe, discusses how the enterprise imaging archive is emerging as the foundation for a new approach to healthcare data sharing and collaboration. Topics include the changes that will take place as new accessibility models form and how to build the groundwork for a unified approach.

FDA clears EKG-capable Apple Watch band – HealthTech Magazine

The KardiaBand, an EKG sensor that lives on an Apple Watch band, was recently approved by the Federal Drug Administration. As the first wearable medical accessory to be approved by the agency, the KardiaBand takes heart readings at five-second intervals and comes with several software offerings that allow consumers to either track their own health or provide their doctors with readouts of their heart activity. Read the related blog for other implications of the Internet of Things in radiology.

Radiology mergers and acquisitions: what you need to know – Diagnostic Imaging

The world of radiology is changing in numerous ways—from a clinical standpoint as well as a business perspective. This article highlights important information about the environment of mergers and acquisitions in radiology, as the opportunity for physician shareholders to align with a partner through mergers, acquisitions, or private investment has become more compelling.

Blog of the week: 2018 Trends in Radiology—A Year of Development and Maturity – Everything Rad

Looking forward into the new year, we look at the upcoming trends in 2018. How will AI, 3d Printing, wearables or even IoT impact the healthcare field like it did in 2017? Read the blog to find out!

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