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Carestream Smart Services for DIRECTVIEW CR Systems

Computed radiography support for maximum reliability

Our service solutions for CARESTREAM DIRECTVIEW CR Systems maximize your productivity, boost your return on investment and help you to deliver the best patient care. Designed to fit your facility and budget, these flexible offerings range from installation and preventative maintenance to hardware and software upgrades and online training for your technologists. Our Smart Services are provided by a team of more than 1,700 dedicated and experienced professionals with one goal in mind: your satisfaction.

Software Upgrades

 Extend the life of your imaging assets for years to come to with the latest advances in DIRECTVIEW software technology:

  • Software Refresh (PDF)  
    Include software upgrades in your warranty or service agreement. 
  • Extend - Software Upgrades and Options
    Purchase add-on features that create the imaging workflow best for you. 


Education and Training
Education and Training

 You know first hand the demands to increase productivity and patient care quality, while managing financial constraints. We can help with world-class educational offerings.  

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