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CARESTREAM CR Mammography Cassette with EHR-M3 Screen

EHR-M3 screens are Carestream Health’s new, improved screen to be used in mammography imaging yielding optimal image quality with reduced noise and improved DQE. EHR-M3 screens are intended to replace previous generations of screen in all markets where the CR Mammography Feature is sold over time.
DIRECTVIEW CR Mammography Cassette with EHR-M2 Screen will continue to be supplied and supported in order to meet existing customer needs.

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EHR-M3 CR Mammography screens will provide overall improved image quality for DirectView CR Mammography applications as compared to EHR-M2 and earlier mammography screens at the same, or lower, dose.

  • Higher DQE than EHR-M2 screens.
  • Noise is reduced 20% vs. previous EHR-M2 screens.
  • Complimentary with the two new image processing looks introduced in 4Q09, version or later.
  • Equal or better physical properties against artifacts.

Compatible with the installed base of CR 850, 950, 975, Classic and Elite Mammography Systems as well as newly purchased CR systems.

  • Screens use the same DirectView Mammography Cassettes as EHR-M2 screens.
  • Available in both 18 x 24 cm (8 x 10 inch) and 24 x 30 cm (10 x 12 inch) sizes.