A radiology technologist gives his view from the sidelines. Haga clic aquí para leer la versión en español de este blog. It's time for NFL preseason kickoff!  For many fans, a player’s physical condition is as important as their number of sacks or passing yards. And of

Carestream’s Clinical Collaboration Platform supports high volume and workflow efficiencies critical to cancer patient care. By Peter Buchanan, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre is one of the world’s leading cancer research, education, and treatment centres. We strive to provide world-class patient care. Carestream’s Clinical Collaboration

Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital Shares their “O to U Approach” for capturing high quality diagnostic AP images. By Diane Evans, Radiology Education Specialist, Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Mobile chest X-rays performed in the antero-posterior (AP) projection has always been considered an