AHRA 2018 keynote speaker shares insights on creating a culture of heroes in medical imaging. When asked “what is a hero?”, many people respond that it is an ordinary person who did an extraordinary thing. Kevin Brown, keynote speaker at the AHRA2018 conference, thinks we should

Observations about the impact of volume to value on equipment purchasing decisions, and how vendors should help. By Greg Freiherr, collaborating editor, Imaging Technology News. The ongoing shift from volume to value could radically change decisions about the purchase of diagnostic imaging equipment. To gain insight on

Radiology rooms require experienced planning and skilled project management. A new diagnostic imaging system has the potential to touch hundreds of stakeholders in a healthcare facility. Radiographers, patients, and the physicians who review the radiographs might all benefit from the system’s new features. But leading up to

Section 179 offers radiology equipment tax savings for some small businesses. New radiology equipment and medical printing solutions have the potential to improve an imaging center’s bottom line through increased patient throughput. But did you know that there is also a possible radiology equipment tax deduction