Wireless Digital X-ray Imaging Keeps Pace with Fast-Moving MotoGP Riders

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CARESTREAM DRX-1 Detector and Clinica Mobile give MotoGP and WSBK racers quick diagnostic results.

By Dr. Michele Zasa, Medical Director, Clinica Mobile.

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When you’re zooming around a MotoGP or World Superbike track at almost 200 mph, injuries are inevitable. Fortunately, staff at Clinica Mobile have their own rapid resource: the CARESTREAM DRX-1 Detector. The wireless digital x-ray detector creates exposures within seconds.

A rider placing his right hand on a CARESTREAM DRX-1 Detector

Wireless detectors help speed up diagnoses on MotoGP and World Superbike competitors

Clinica Mobile is a fully equipped mobile medical and physiotherapy center for the MotoGP and World Superbike (WSBK) circuits. The world’s leading motorcycle aces, such as Marc Marquez, Valentino Rossi, and Jonathan Rea, come to our mobile clinic for diagnosis and treatment of minor injuries. The Carestream wireless DRX-1 Detector gives us instant access to X-ray images, speeding up our diagnoses and decisions on patient care.

DRX-1 Detector fuels fast diagnosis

We can easily place and adjust the imaging detector under a rider’s arm, leg, or any other area that needs imaging. The digital x-ray detector forwards the exposure wirelessly to the console within a few seconds. A separate battery charger allows the detector to be used while a spare battery is being charged.

The detector is a very important and extremely reliable tool to diagnose fractures and other injuries caused by falls. Also, the digital detector reduces exposure to X-rays compared to conventional systems. In 2016, we did over 250 X-rays of motoGP and WSBK riders.

A diagnosis of a fractured bone won’t keep these high-octane riders off the track. But with the DRX-1 detector, they can quickly understand the source of their pain and return to the race reassured.

Clinica Mobile: patient care on wheels

Clinica Mobile provides other medical and physiotherapy services to the riders as well as the paddock staff who travel with them: managers, mechanics, and journalists. Our 65 square meter facility can treat up to 8 patients simultaneously. Onboard are four physiotherapists, a radiologist, an anesthetist, and an orthopaedic specialist.

We take care of the top motoGP and WSBK drivers in the world and we need the best people and the best equipment to support them. Thanks to our partnership with Carestream, we are providing drivers with the best radiograph technology and optimal diagnostics available today.

Learn about the security measures within Carestream’s digital X-ray detectors. #EverythingRad

Dr. Michele Zasa Clinica Mobile

Dr. Michele Zasa is the Medical Director of the Clinica Mobile. He has worked for Clinica Mobile since 2011, and became the unit’s Medical Director in 2014. See a live interview with him inside Clinica Mobile. #MotoGP #WorldSBK #radiology #xray #x-ray #motorcross


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