In addition to demonstrating our latest medical imaging and healthcare IT solutions in South Hall Booth #4735 at RSNA 2014, we are also proud that a few of our scientists will be presenting with researchers from prestigious medical schools on a number of topics. The four presentations are

This year marks the 100th annual RSNA conference, with the theme “A Century of Transforming Medicine.” Over the last century, we have achieved the unthinkable. Never would we have thought that we can capture a 3D image with such clarity and accuracy, or that we

[caption id="attachment_6081" align="alignleft" width="383"] Radiology a hundred years ago was still a heroic endeavor not just for the patients but also for the personnel. Concepts such as protection against the danger of ionizing radiation were largely unknown or ignored.[/caption] The horrors of war stimulated a remarkable

Happy November! Time for a new Guess the X-ray Image Challenge. Last month we had a laser light key chain, which was identified pretty quickly. Hopefully this month's image is a little more difficult. This month’s image is below; please leave your guesses below or on our Facebook page. The challenge