Key Updates Made to the RSNA 2014 Mobile App

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Last year we did a brief tour of the key features in the RSNA 2013 mobile app you should be aware of. Many features used in 2013 are still present in 2014, but there have been a few updates made that enhance and improve the design and experience of the app.

When first logging in, you will find an impressive redesign, with the focus on imagery making for a clean, intuitive user experience.


On the main menu, one of the biggest updates made this year was in the “Maps” section.


When clicking on “Maps,” you are taken to a layout of the main halls in McCormick Place.


As you zoom in, you will find a clean layout for each floor in the halls. You can easily find vendors you wish to visit or classrooms in which sessions are being held. This is quite an impressive upgrade that is easy to use and extremely helpful in navigating the enormous space that is McCormick Place.


RSNA has also updated its “Social” section a bit.


When clicking on “Social,” you are then taken to a list of RSNA’s social media accounts.


When clicking on a network, you are taken directly to that profile where you can easily follow the account to stay up-to-date on the latest news and happenings taking place at RSNA.


RSNA has done an excellent job improving the user experience for creating an attendee’s schedule at the meeting.  The following images show what happens when clicking on the “Meetings” and “Exhibitors” sections under the main menu.


You click the star next to the session that you wish to attend to add it to your schedule.


The same goes for “Exhibitor” lists: click the star next to the company you wish to visit and it will be added to your schedule to create a checklist.




To access your schedule, you go to “My Meeting.”


There the schedule is broken down into two sections: “My Agenda” for sessions…


…and “My Exhibitors” for the vendors you wish to visit.


There you have it as far as some of the major design and layout changes to the mobile app. It is a valuable tool, and one that can surely come in handy when working to maneuver around RSNA with almost 60,000 other attendees and vendors.

Wishing you an exciting and educational RSNA 2014! See you in Chicago!

PulvinoRich Pulvino is a digital media specialist for Carestream. He will be in the Carestream booth, South Hall – A, #4735, capturing videos and photos of the meeting, as well as blogging throughout the week about key trends observed at RSNA 2014.



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