Four Presentations Worth Seeing at RSNA 2014

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In addition to demonstrating our latest medical imaging and healthcare IT solutions in South Hall Booth #4735 at RSNA 2014, we are also proud that a few of our scientists will be presenting with researchers from prestigious medical schools on a number of topics.

The four presentations are listed below and cover such topics as extremity imaging using CBCT equipment, tomosynthesis for chest imaging, multi-media radiology reporting, and multi-spectral X-ray.

  1. Scientists from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Carestream will present a paper titled, “3D Imaging of the Foot and Ankle Using a Dedicated Extremity Cone-Beam CT Scanner,” on Sunday, Nov. 30, from 11:35-11:45 am (Room S403B). The paper reports that CBCT images of the foot and ankle can provide functional information and precise morphological analysis in cross-sectional imaging not achieved by radiographs.
  2. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Department of Physics and Astronomy, and Carestream will present a scientific paper entitled “Physiologically Gated Stationary Chest Tomosynthesis System using CNT X-ray Source Array,” on Monday, Dec. 1, from 11:50 am-12 pm (Room S504CD). Results from this paper indicate that imaging quality can be greatly improved with physiological gated s-DCT, which can improve the imaging outcome for patients who cannot easily hold their breath.
  3. Emory University and Carestream will present a scientific poster entitled “Traditional Text vs. Image and Interactive Data Embedded Multi-Media Enhanced Radiology Reporting: Referring Physicians’ Perceptions about Value,” on Wednesday, Dec. 3, from 12:15-12:45 pm inLearning Center, Hall D. This session will discuss interactive additions in radiology reports that provide additional clinical information designed to enhance the value of the report for physicians and potential to increase referrals.
  4. The University Health Network in Toronto and Carestream will present a scientific paper entitled “Tissue Characterization using Multispectral X-ray: Description of a Novel Metric for Categorization of Pleural Effusions” on Thursday, Dec. 4, from 10:50-11 am (Room S404CD). This paper reports initial results of a multi-spectral portable DR system, which may have the potential for discriminating between pleural effusions types (i.e. bloody vs. non-bloody effusion).

There will certainly be a number of sessions and papers worth exploring as attendees prepare for their busy week at RSNA 2014. It is sure to be an exciting week for the RSNA organization, and for the entire medical imaging profession.


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