Getting the Most Out of RSNA By Using the RSNA 2013 Mobile App

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Rich Pulvino, Digital Media Specialist, Carestream

Rich Pulvino, Digital Media Specialist, Carestream

Last year, we wrote a blog post detailing how to get the most out of RSNA using social media. Those tips are still accurate and make for a helpful guide before, during and after the meeting. This year, I’ve spent some time going through the RSNA 2013 mobile app (available for iOS and Android mobile devices) and see it as being a vital tool any attendee  can rely on at the event. The rest of this post will outline my personal favorite features of the app that also serve as being the most helpful to you while on-site.


1) Meeting Program: Select and manage your schedule using the meeting program feature. This provides a list of all of the meetings available for attendees, which can be a daunting list to manage. Once you arrive, you can bookmark the meetings you want to attend and then this will funnel into the “My Meeting” tab at the bottom of the app.

App Home 2

Once your schedule is selected, it will be loaded into “MyMeeting,” which you will find at the bottom of your screen. With “MyMeeting,” you will receive alerts about your selected meetings so you do not miss any on your list.

Meeting Program 2My Meeting

2) Virtual Meeting: Missing a meeting you had on your list to attend? The Virtual Meeting featured has you covered. As an RSNA attendee, all you need to do is enter your badge number and password (which is your last name by default) and you will gain access to the virtual meetings that RSNA will be streaming throughout the show. These virtual meetings will also be available on-demand through December 13.

App Home 3

Sign in screen

3) Info: This area will be key because it provides numerous resources devoted to transportation , McCormick Place dining, tours and events happening in Chicago, and RSNA Services that are designed to provide you with the best meeting experience possible.


Additionally, you’ll want to remember the “Maps” tab to navigate the vast landscape RSNA covers.

Maps 1

Map 22

Map 2

4) Technical Exhibits: You can search exhibiting companies through by extensive list including “Featured Exhibitors,” “First Time Exhibitors,” donors to the RSNA Research & Education Foundation, or by product categories. This way, if you have specific products or services you need to research or demo while at the meeting, it can all be bookmarked in one, easy-to-find location.

App Home 22Technical Exhibitors

Product Categories

Finally, be sure to follow RSNA on its social networks in order to get real-time updates on news and happenings at the event throughout the week. The most up-to-date, real-time news will be posted on the organization’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, but also be sure to follow RSNA on YouTube and LinkedIn so as not to miss out on anything.

Carestream will also be one of the many organizations active on social media throughout RSNA. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube where we will be posting interviews and updates, and you can stop by our booth, #4111 in South Hall, to say “Hello.”

See you at RSNA 2013!


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