una entrevista con Dr. Luis Martí-Bonmatí de la Real Academia Nacional de Medicina. This Spanish language blog is also available in English. Una entrevista con Dr. Luis Martí-Bonmatí de la Real Academia Nacional de Medicina El Dr. Luís Martí-Bonmatí ocupa desde el pasado mes de febrero el Sillón

Access to radiology reports can help eliminate barriers and enable collaboration. Radiology staffing shortages are causing imaging departments to fall short of diagnostic reporting requirements in the United Kingdom. The situation is "desperate," according to the Royal College of Radiologists, which reported that nearly 97 percent of radiology

Articles include: physicians and radiologists see value in image-rich reports; and smartphone use needs a strategy. In the news: survey respondents say image-rich reports could improve communication and dialogue between radiologists and referring physicians; smartphone use creates need for management strategies; a report recommends radiologists’ clinical

Throughout the U.S. and worldwide, equipment decision criteria are not so different. There are clear advantages to having new, up-to-date medical devices; including gains in productivity and efficiency. Medical equipment can support the movement to reduce healthcare costs and increase its efficiency and effectiveness. This movement

EHRs and security threats for healthIT and rads taking a leadership role are in the news. Articles include: Mamba ransomware is attacking healthcare, crippling computers by encrypting entire hard drives; University of Texas breast radiologists are calling for the creation of a national imaging repository in