Reviews the CARESTREAM Vue Motion Medical Image Viewer

Cristine Kao

Cristine Kao, Global Marketing Manager, Healthcare IT, Carestream

Recently, we received FDA clearance for the use of our Vue Motion medical image viewer with mobile devices. Supported devices for this new technology include the iPad and almost all other mobile tablets. What makes Vue Motion so unique is that its the first web-based viewer that can be accessed from tablets without installing additional software. There are no storage or technology requirements for users’ mobile devices, PCs or workstations. Its intuitive design can also minimize training to speed adoption by healthcare providers. Vue Motion is independent so the viewer can be integrated with other vendors’ PACS systems, DICOM archives or XDS repositories. It can also be embedded in a HIS or EMR portal to allow clinicians and referring physicians to quickly and easily view patient data and radiology images with a single log-in from anywhere. Vue Motion

Wouter Stom,  a physician from the Netherlands, currently doing a PhD in radiology, and an editor at, an independent online medical publication written by a team of physicians and medical students who provide commentary and reviews of mobile medical technology and applications, took Vue Motion for a spin on an iPad 2. You can read his in-depth review here:  The first HTML5 radiology viewer approved by the FDA, review of Vue Motion Medical Image Viewer.

His verdict?  “Vue Motion is a simple and hassle-free viewer that works almost flawlessly across multiple platforms without the need to install any software or apps. In its current state, it is perfectly usable for the clinician to review images remotely or on the bed-side.”

Do you have mobile access to imaging data? How could Vue Motion help your facility? 


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