Happy New Year!

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JoAnn Linder

JoAnn Linder, Director Global Marketing Communications, Carestream

2012 has arrived and the world of healthcare is changing faster every day. New treatments. Growing challenges. Evolving technologies.  Yet, some things remain constant. Namely, people. Like a patient’s hopes, fears, and the need for expert care. A doctor’s commitment to providing exactly that.

As we look toward the future, Carestream is focusing our energy on solutions that can help providers do more with less, enhance efficiency and boost productivity–all while helping improve patient care.  Our resolution for radiology is to continue to work every day toward improving the quality of imaging and information exchange between radiology and the electronic medical record. As an industry, we are we are building an environment where radiologists could view patient information, such as symptoms or chronic conditionals, from the EMR for contextual decision support to influence diagnosis and improve patient outcomes. We’re excited about the year ahead.

We wish you a healthy and prosperous new year. Click the image below to celebrate with us!


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