Meaningful Use in Radiology: Podcast with Dr. Keith Dreyer (Part I)

In Part I of our Meaningful Use in Radiology Series, we speak with Keith Dreyer, DO, Ph.D., FSIIM, Vice Chair of Radiology for Informatics, Massachusetts General Hospital. Topics discussed include key items that radiology professionals need to know about the final rules and how radiologists can meet certification criteria proposed for Phase I of Meaningful Use.

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3 thoughts on “Meaningful Use in Radiology: Podcast with Dr. Keith Dreyer (Part I)

  1. Dr. Dryer’s correct perception brought front and center the fact that Radiologists certainly are eligible for the meaningful use recognition / incentives because they are physicians. John Halamka touched on the subject in his August 30’th blog entry ( when he answered his rhetorical question if eligible professionals from ancillary service providers could qualify. He did characterize it as “a stretch”, but put my mind at ease. I was initially bummed that one of the first items to be added to the eligibility list wasn’t images, probably because patience is not one of my virtues. (But patients are.)

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