RSNA 2013: Working to Improve Medical Imaging through the Power of Partnerships

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Carestream CMO

Norman Yung, Chief Marketing Officer, Carestream

We’re about six short weeks away from the world’s biggest event in medical imaging. RSNA 2013 promises to be another year full of impressive displays and demonstrations of innovations and trends taking place within the industry. Plus, with the theme of this year’s event being “The Power of Partnerships,” the speakers, attendees and vendors are sure to enlighten us all on about changes taking place and technologies being develop that enhance this theme throughout medical imaging.

As a dedicated member of the RSNA community, we are thrilled to be a part of 2013’s event. At the show, we will be demoing our medical imaging and healthcare information technology systems. Our goal will be to show visitors how they can remain at the forefront of radiology – achieving higher productivity, fostering collaboration and enabling outstanding patient care. Below is a select example of some of the products and services that will be featured at RSNA 2013:

DR/CR Systems

    1. Bone Suppression software(work in progress) is being designed to create a companion image to suppress the appearance of posterior ribs and clavicles and enhance the visualization of soft tissue in the chest.
    2. IHE Dose Reporting that is intended to collect and distribute comprehensive dose information from all Carestream DR and CR systems to a healthcare provider’s PACS.

Printing Systems

  • DRYVIEW 5950 Laser Imager: This printing technology offers integration of high diagnostic image performance. The applications for this technology includes CR, DR, MRI, CT, ultrasound, and digital mammography.

Health IT Systems:

  • In addition to Carestream’s Vue Cloud PACS and Vue Cloud Archive, the company now offers its Vue Motion physician portal and Vue BeyondMyVue Patient Portal as cloud services. Carestream’s physician portal cloud service helps equip healthcare providers with a convenient way to deliver remote viewing on workstations, laptops and mobile devices such an iPad. Its patient portal service equips patients with electronic access to their radiology reports and imaging exams.
  • A new image exchange capability (currently a work in progress) is designed to help expedite reading by remote radiologists without requiring significant investment by either the radiology group or the healthcare facility will also become part of the Vue Cloud Services family.
  • Carestream’s Vue RIS Stage 2 capabilities (shown as works in progress) are intended to include: family health history, health information portability and sharing, online patient access to information and communication as well as changes to comply with the way information is tracked so it can be more effectively shared to improve overall patient outcomes.


  • Carestream will showcase (as works in progress) enhancements to its digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) module that are intended to include the display of DICOM-compliant 2D synthetic views, which are calculated from the 3D dataset. The use of synthetic views is being considered as an alternate approach to reducing dosage while allowing full advantage of the benefits of digital breast tomosynthesis.


  • Small format DRX 2530C Detector: This is the newest addition to the DRX family of digital detectors. The 25×30 size allows the detector to fit right in the Bucky tray in a bassinet, and the cesium iodide design makes it dose sensitive, a feature that of the most importance for smaller, developing patients.


  • Lesion Management PACS clinical tool: Thetool enhances assessment of oncology patients with quantitative measurements, bookmarking and comparisons overtime to aid oncologists’ diagnosis and treatment. With these capabilities, clinicians can appreciate the ability to have the comprehensive oncology imaging reports in accordance to industry standards such as Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors (RECIST).

RSNA 2013 is sure to be an exciting event this year. We have always done our best to create the technologies that allow our customers to do their jobs effectively and efficiently, and believe that we have been living up to the theme of “Power of Partnerships.” You can click on this link for more information about the products and services we will be demoing at RSNA 2013.


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