HPX-DR 4336 GH High Resolution Large Format Detector

The HPX-DR 4336 GH detector features 100-micron image resolution for enhanced image clarity in a large format detector. It’s designed for customers looking to optimize productivity by capturing a broad range of parts at a higher resolution, as well as meeting demanding industry standards.    
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HPX-DR 4336
INDUSTREX Digital Viewing Software

INDUSTREX Digital Viewing Software

INDUSTREX Digital Viewing Software incorporates image analysis tools, file sharing and storage management features. Our modular architecture is an all-in-one software suite that eliminates the need to purchase add-on modules for both CR and DR image acquisition.

Performance Accessories 

Optional protective cover for lab use increases detector load limit up to 340 kg. (750 lbs.).
HPX-DR Non-Glass Detector Accessories

Features and Specifications

Resolution and Size
  • 100 micron image resolution for optimal image defect visibility
  • Large format 43 x 36 allows for larger parts to be inspected in one shot
  • Lightweight (4.3kg/9.5 lbs.) and slim profile (15.5 mm)
 Built for NDT
  • Designed and shielded for NDT applications
  • Protective, weatherproof enclosure for use in harsh environments
  • Close-to-edge imaging maximizes surface area for image capture
  • Robust wireless connectivity for faster image transfer and analysis
 Designed for High Throughput
  • The HPX-DR 4336 high-resolution technology reduces exposure time and enables higher throughput.

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