HPX-ARC 1025 PH Digital Solution

Bending the Limits of DR

The INDUSTREX HPX-ARC 1025 PH is a revolutionary, bendable digital radiography (DR) design. It conforms to various objects and quickly delivers the high-resolution images you need for game-changing speed and certainty. With bendable DR technology, customers will realize easier set-up, faster time to image, less dose required to capture images, and instant image processing versus film or CR.

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HPX-ARC Motion Image

Improve Productivity by Increasing Inspection Throughput Rates

Ideal for Oil and & Gas, Power Generation, Aerospace and Defense, the HPX-ARC has the flexibility to go from a flat position down to a 2-inch NPS (or 2.375 in.60mm) diameter to get next level images instantly. No consumables required.


  • High Image Quality 98 µm - for better defect recognition and code compliance
  • Available in 4x10 inch size (10 x 25 cm) with a slim profile to image over and around objects, even in tight places
  • Instant image access for rapid analysis
  • Built for the rigors of NDT field inspection, field tested with IP67 rated enclosure
  • Reduce radiation exposure and exclusion zone area
  • HPX – ARC can be used with Gamma and X-ray

Powerful Software

INDUSTREX Digital Viewing Software incorporates industry-leading image analysis tools, file sharing and storage management features. Our modular architecture is an all-in-one software suite that eliminates the need to purchase add-on modules for both CR and DR image acquisition.


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